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Swimming Programs – Ages & Abilities

Children learn through play and doing, and people of any age retain more when enjoying themselves. Edge Aquatics offers swimming lessons in a range of times based on ability.

Explorer PC1-PC2-PC3-INF ADV (PC 4A) (4-36mth)

For babies the weightless environment of our heated pool allows for exploration of movement unmatched on land. Water exploration at this age lays the foundation for aquatic comfort.  Skills of balance, breath control and fine and gross motor skills are developed at an individual pace.

Developer PS1A-PS1B-PS2A-PS2B-PS3 (3-5yrs)

Pre-school children
Everyone, but especially children, learn through playing and “doing”. We offer children a fun and stimulating environment, where they will learn more than just swimming. Your child will learn social skills, how to work in a team, get along with others and how to follow instructions for basic buoyancy and floatation skills. These are the basis to build and develop your child’s skills in and out of the water.

Booking EnquiriesGuide SS1 SS1-2 SS2-3 SS3-4 SS4-5 (5yrs PLUS)

School age children
For older children swimming develops muscle co-ordination, strength and aerobic fitness with minimal risk of any injury.

EXCEL Junior Squad and Squad by ability
Our junior and Senior Squads and swim club offers more time in the water for those who want to challenge themselves with their personal fitness by swimming laps, recover from an injury or swim competitively.

We don’t believe in forcing children to high performance, however we will encourage a child who is passionate and committed to becoming the next swimming superstar, which results from their hard work and motivation. We offer Squad swimming for swimmers who wish to improve fitness, technique and achieve personal goals.

Access and Inclusion

Planned one on one instruction is given by our experienced, qualified swimming instructors to cater for the specific needs of people with intellectual and/or physical disability.  The Edge Aquatics complex is designed to cater for low and high disability needs and includes a disability change room for wheelchair access, a lifting hoist and ramp access.

Talk to us about your goals. Where possible we aim to integrate our disability swimmers into mainstream lessons, offering a feeling of confidence and achievement.

The Edge Aquatics goal is to save lives and use our programs to instil a love and respect for the water in people of all ages and abilities.

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